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Valentine’s Day – An Amazing Opportunity for Your Pharmacy

At PharmaPOS we like to emphasise seasonal promotions. Customers enjoy the mood of a fun seasonal theme throughout your pharmacy, with appropriate decorations and themed point-of-sale signage. Valentine’s Day is definitely a key promotional period for Irish pharmacies. We’d like to share some ideas with you for making this a special Valentine’s Day period for you and your customers.

Bring attention to Valentine’s Day gift products

Fragrances may be the most frequently given Valentine’s Day gifts. Draw attention to your fragrances with special offers – and make sure your customers are made aware of your bargains! Of course, it isn’t only about bargains. Finding the right thing for a special someone may be more important than a good price. Some pharmacies are also carrying jewelry which is another top Valentine’s Day gift.

Top reasons why shoppers would spend more

In 2017, the US National Retail Federation conducted a survey to establish what might induce shoppers to spend an extra $10 for Valentine’s Day. The results were interesting:

  • 48.6% A really good sale or promotion
  • 36.4% Seeing the perfect gift for someone I didn’t originally plan to buy for
  • 32.4% A free gift with purchase

These are all opportunities for you to capture quite a few extra sales in the 2022 Valentine’s Day period. Remember that if you keep Valentine’s Day top of mind for your customers with in-store decorations and themed shelf talkers, posters and banners, they will be more likely to start thinking about possibly adding a gift to their purchase.

Luxury bath and beauty products

Remember to promote your luxury bath and beauty products this Valentine’s Day! Many brands provide gift boxes that are a great opportunity for promotion. Another possibility is to put together your own gift baskets.

Prepare your pharmacy to maximise sales

Take a look at your pharmacy to see how you can maximise impulse buys and draw attention to some of your great offers. Show off some of your offers in fragrances, bath and beauty near your pharmacy counter or checkout. Remember to direct them (with a Valentine’s Day shelf talker) to more offers in other aisles!

Social media for Valentine’s Day promotions

Remember that younger people on average spend more on Valentine’s Day and are much more likely to see offers on social media. Are you doing everything you can to get the word out? Along with shelf talkers, posters, banners and stickers see some great Valentine’s Day social media templates on PharmaPOS.

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In-Store Christmas Marketing at Your Pharmacy!

Attract extra foot traffic and make the most of customers already in your pharmacy with a Christmas-themed in-store marketing campaign, resulting in extra seasonal sales! Use shelf talkers, posters and signs and flyers to their maximum potential to help boost your seasonal sales this December. Nowadays, customers are looking for value and are exposed to a myriad of promotions, pricing and special offers on a daily basis. Through effective point of sale messaging you can clearly communicate to your customers what your value offers and savings are at your pharmacy this Christmas!

Get started!  Create Christmas-themed Shelf Talkers

The Importance of In-Store Marketing at Christmas

Christmas is a critical time to make sure you make the most of in-store marketing opportunities. In many retail sectors, spending in the holiday season accounts for around 20% of the overall annual spend. Pharmacies are a natural gift destination particularly for luxury body products, gift boxes and baskets, fragrances, cosmetics and jewelry.

Also be aware that if you can bring foot traffic into your pharmacy, attracting passers-by with Christmas offers, you will also get an increase in your revenue on other OTC pharmacy products. Christmas is also a great time for you to offer customised branded gift vouchers for your customers. Help spread the word that your pharmacy is a shopping destination!

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Two Months FREE to Create Great Point of Sale and Social Media Campaigns!

Would you like two months FREE access to PharmaPOS to create exceptional point of sale and social media campaigns? With PharmaPOS you can create point-of-sale promotional materials and social media graphics for both Facebook and Instagram. You can then order shelf talkers, A5 flyers, A4 posters and offer stickers from your creations. If you have a premium PharmaPOS account you can generate print-ready artwork to print on your local desktop printer!

It is important to engage with customers in every way possible. This includes providing them with advice, informing them of useful health information and letting them know about your offers. Communicate your offers to customers by creating marketing campaigns online and in-store). PharmaPOS is a simple to use web tool, designed for the creation of professional retail signage and social media posts.

Sign up now and get 2 Months FREE!  

Two Months Free In-Store Marketing

Shelf Talkers serve as an excellent marketing communications tool – so let your shelves do the talking! Shelf talkers give pharmacies an opportunity to propose purchases to customers and to promote any special in-store offers. Having the correct information available improves customers in-store experience and allows them to make a quicker and more informed choice!

A5 and A4 Posters: Whether your pharmacy needs to provide information on current health and safety measures, procedures on prescriptions or promote new products, PharmaPOS has a library of suitable templates to use. These can be printed out in A4 or A5 sizes depending on your requirements. If you are planning an in-store event you can print out some A5 flyers informing customers of any offers or new products. Posters can be used to display in different areas around the pharmacy.

Banners (900mm X 210mm) are a great way to help pharmacies identify different areas in-store whilst providing customers with all the information they need. They are a great way to draw attention to an event or product as they are instantly noticeable due to the size, bright colours and pictures used! They can also be used in the front window displays to attract customers by informing them of an event, product or service that you have available in-store!

Offer Stickers are a great way to label various products in your store to help bring attention to special offers. Using stickers is an extremely effective way to help products move off the shelves and increase buying. The unique feature of stickers is that they lead the customer’s attention directly to the individual item – it’s then a much shorter step to grab the product off the shelf and make another purchase! Peelable round stickers are available in 25mm and 40mm size on A4 sheets for printing on standard laser printers.

We have a number of various point of sale holders and paper packs available to purchase on the PharmaPOS shop that you can use alongside your marketing material.

Online Marketing

Facebook and Instagram go hand in hand and are a great way to reach an audience local to your pharmacy. All retailers need to produce high quality content for social media posts to get seen. Using PharmaPOS templates gives you a professional and uniform look. It can be difficult to build an audience quickly, therefore, you will need to be consistent with posts in order to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged!

The process of creating your Facebook and Instagram posts and cover photos with PharmaPOS couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your pharmacy details, choose a background and product image (if required), and a high-quality image is generated in a few seconds! Download from PharmaPOS to your desktop, then add to your Facebook or Instagram feeds.

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Create a Fun Halloween Campaign at Your Pharmacy!

Create a fun Halloween campaign in your pharmacy this year! Halloween decorations can help drive traffic to your pharmacy as well as engaging in local community spirit.

Halloween gives you the opportunity to bring new customers in and raise awareness of your pharmacy in the local community to help give your OTC sales a boost.

Get Your Staff into the Halloween Spirit!

Attract customers to your pharmacy with enthusiasm and creativity this Halloween. You can do this in a number of different ways to include decorating both the interior and display windows with colourful Halloween decorations such as pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons or even just the typical Halloween colours. Staff can dress up or paint their faces in the lead up to the main day and you could also play Halloween music.

Another great way to get involved in the Halloween spirit in the community is to host a Halloween event. This could be something as simple as allowing the children to trick or treat at your pharmacy, hosting a Halloween Colouring Competition or a Best Costume Event. Make sure to hand out promotional offers and some fun giveaways while the event is running.

For pharmacies it may not be feasible to carry seasonal Halloween products. But, you could promote a number of different products that are commonly used by customers during this time:

  • Make Up/Make Up Remover
  • Make Up Sponges and Brushes
  • Hairspray
  • Nail Varnish/Nail Varnish Remover
  • Sugar-Free Candy/Gluten-Free Candy
  • Torches/Bandages

Video: Creating a Halloween Campaign using PharmaPOS

See our YouTube video on creating a Halloween campaign using PharmaPOS:

Promote on Your Social Media Platforms

Let your customers know about your plans for Halloween across your Social Media Platforms. You can engage with your customers throughout the week by posting information tips and tricks around the event.

  • Post tips on Trick or Treating safely within the community
  • Post pictures of your Halloween-themed decorations and Staff members’ costumes
  • Share your event or competitions that you are planning on hosting or participating in
  • Remind customers if they are feeling unwell to stay at home.

PharmaPOS can help with Halloween-themed designs to create point-of-sale and social media graphics for Facebook and Instagram. Create and order printed shelf talkers, banners, posters and offer stickers. Or if you have a premium PharmaPOS account, generate print-ready artwork to print on your local desktop printer!

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Get More Sales from Increased Footfall as Restrictions Ease

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Irish pharmacies are seeing increased footfall with more people out and about and more in-person shopping locally. We anticipate this trend will continue and we are all hoping to see great OTC sales in the run-up to Christmas 2021.

It is essential that you make the most of more traffic in your pharmacy by bringing your great offers to the attention of everyone passing by or passing through. Are you using colourful shelf talkers, posters and banners? In-store marketing should be a key part of your marketing strategy. PharmaPOS is the best and easiest way to make all this happen including posting attractive posts on your social media applications.

There are two great opportunities for seasonal promotion coming up: Halloween and Christmas. Christmas is an excellent opportunity for pharmacies to make big increases in sales of health and beauty products, gift baskets and gift sets, fragrances and even jewellery.

See Point-of-Sale options and more on PharmaPOS     

Halloween is less obvious for seasonal promotions as there isn’t a market for gifts or much in the way of Halloween-related products, but it is still a time to make your pharmacy a fun destination or place to stop with decorations, staff costumes, and fun, colourful Halloween-themed point-of-sale signage.

PharmaPOS can help with new suites of themed designs you can use to create point-of-sale and social media graphics for Facebook and Instagram. Create and order printed shelf talkers, banners, posters and offer stickers. Or if you have a premium PharmaPOS account, generate print-ready artwork to print on your local desktop printer!

Here is our latest video showing how quickly and easily you can create a Christmas-themed shelf talker. Have a look and if you have any questions about PharmaPOS we’d love to hear from you! Reach us at or on (01) 653-5008.

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Welcome to the New PharmaPOS!

First, we now allow anyone to access and use the website. Produce your own customised shelf talkers, A4 and A5 in-store posters, sheets of stickers or banners with our updated streamlined user interface. Then order prints directly through the PharmaPOS shop along with any display holders you might need!

Next, we are now developing design themes that are consistent across a broad range of template layouts, both for print for your in-store marketing and for social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.

See our great new Valentine’s Day themes and get your in-store and social promotions going now!

We will be adding new design themes, templates and social media marketing tools on a daily basis. We’d love to tell you about all our updates, sign up for our newsletter now so we can keep you informed!

Or let us know any of your questions, suggestions, favourite templates and designs from the old PharmaPOS site or requests for anything we can do on the new site!

We look forward to hearing from you!
-The PharmaPOS Team

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Get a headstart for 2020 with healthy January Promotions!

Does Christmas and January sales promotion sometimes feel slightly overwhelming or a bit of a chore? No matter how great your business is and how well it is thriving you always need to promote it. Why not use PharmaPOS templates to create some eye-catching in-store and online marketing material to take some of that pressure off! If you try to make promotion a bit of fun and involve your team it can become something that is enjoyable, whilst helping to boost sales! With our brand new PharmaPOS January sales range of templates now live on the PharmaPOS website, this will give you an incentive to get working on what could be great January sales results – getting you off to the right start for 2020!

Visit the PharmaPOS Site to see new January Sales templates


January Promotion Ideas

After the festive period customers are looking for a fresh start for the new year! Christmas has been packed away and people are looking for new beginnings. Why not use that opportunity to promote healthy and clean living products and services. Below are some ideas that you could use in store;

Host a Healthy Living Event

Why not host a healthy living event. Get in touch with your suppliers and request that they send brand representatives and ask if they can give you special discounts on their products for the event. Demonstrating products allows the customer to try it out before buying and gains their trust in the product. You can use your PharmaPOS templates to ensure your store and online social media are popping for the event!

Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation has been running for a number of years in Ireland. It is a show based around health and fitness, whereby 6 leaders are chosen from around the country as they go on a healthy eating and lifestyle change whilst the cameras follow them around. The TV show is aired on RTE1 but promoted and supported by national radio and right across the web. Thousands of people get involved all around the country from their own homes, offices, clubs or simply by themselves. You and your team could get involved by either taking part or by having an Operation Transformation event or stand in your store. Use your PharmaPOS templates to promote any healthy living products in store and on your social media platforms that support Operation Transformation. Operation Transformation 2020 kicks off on RTE1 on Wednesday, 8th January 2020.

Launch a new product

Launching a new product in January is a great way to lure customers back into your store. Pick a star product that you can have front and centre for the whole month. Create brand new PharmaPOS templates to display in store and across your social media to promote the new product. You could arrange a product launch which could include a dedicated stand for the month with discounts and prizes on the product.

For a limited time, see our special offer for PharmaPOS membership! Or sign up for a FREE no-obligation 7-day Trial today.

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PharmaPOS Themed Templates – A great way to get noticed!

Christmas is upon us but fear not as there is still time to ensure that your store looks inviting to all potential customers both in-store and online. A great way to ensure that your in-store marketing is eye catching for your customers is by choosing a Christmas theme that you can use throughout the entire store and on your social media platforms. Have your shelf talkers, A4 posters, A5 flyers and banner posters all looking festive, but uniform with your social media platforms. Choosing a themed marketing approach gives your business a professional look and feel that will draw in both your visiting and online customers. Using PharmaPOS makes this approach very easy with our new Christmas themed PharmaPOS templates that are now ready and available to use across your store and on your online social media platforms. 

See Themed Templates and Special Offer

PharmaPOS Themed Templates

There are currently 8 themes to choose from on the PharmaPOS website. If you like a traditional look you can choose from a traditional Christmas theme or an elegance Christmas theme (light or dark). If you wish for something a bit more fun and playful you can choose from one of the snowman, santa, christmas tree or snowflake themes. Proving very popular this year is our Christmas nutcracker and we have used this theme to show some examples of templates that can be used for your promotions. 

Christmas and Afterwards – Promotion Ideas

If you are looking for your business to stand out why not run a promotion on the lead up to Christmas and afterwards. Some ideas could include;

  • A 12 Days of Christmas Promotion
  • Buy One Get One FREE Promotion
  • Family and Friends Discount Day
  • Create unique hampers available ONLY at your store
  • After Christmas Sale
  • A ‘Santa didn’t bring me what I wanted’ Flash Sale

Don’t forget the ‘After Christmas’ Sale – a great opportunity for promotions also. People are still off work and love to check out the post-Christmas bargains from the 26th December onwards! Look out for the new sales templates we are launching next week. Use your in-store and online marketing to push those extra sales through until January. If you are not a PharmaPOS member then you can simply click on to find out more details on how you can become a member for a small monthly fee. 

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Amazing OKI Printer Offer with Free Banners


Are you doing everything you can to stay on top of your in-store marketing? PharmaPOS offers pharmacies the power to create their own branded point-of-sale shelf talkers, banners, stickers, posters and more. For the month of June we have an amazing offer on OKI printers. Save €60 – €80 on the standard price and we’ll also include free of charge a starter pack of banner paper, a starter pack of shelf talker paper, and a free no-obligation month’s subscription to PharmaPOS so you can try creating your own banners and shelf talkers in your pharmacy! (Existing PharmaPOS customers, please phone if you are interested in ordering the printer on its own).


Order in the month of June and receive FREE 25 sheets of banner paper (900mm x 210mm), 50 sheets of shelf talker paper (210 x 75mm) and a FREE month’s subscription to PharmaPOS. PharmaPOS enables pharmacies to quickly and easily create their own point of sale shelf talkers, banners, posters, stickers and more with a wide range of design themes to choose from, all for a low monthly subscription.

With these great special prices only for the month of June if you order the c532dn, you are basically getting your new printer for free (the price of the printer with toner is close to the same price to order the toner pack on its own)!

OKI c532dn€295€235 (SAVE €60 and get free paper and PharmaPOS for one month!)
OKI MC563dn€495€405 (SAVE €80 and get free paper and PromoPOS for one month!)
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Pharmacies Instructed not to Use Food Intolerance Tests

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland is as of this week instructing pharmacies to no longer perform food intolerance testing. This follows an advisory published by the Health Products Regulatory Authority that food intolerance testing can only be useful with expert guidance from a doctor or dietitian. The HPRA warns that any single food intolerance test does not have clinical usefulness, based on their survey of existing food intolerance testing products.

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Customised round stickers sell MORE products!

All our PharmaPOS users love their ability to create attractive shelf talkers and posters. We also provide tools to create great banners and even promote offers on Facebook. But some of our users aren’t making the most of their ability to create stickers to help bring attention to their special product offers. Using stickers is an extremely effective way to help products move off the shelves and increase impulse buying.

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Make the Most of this Halloween for your In-store Marketing

In-store marketing experts tell us that holidays are a very important time for marketing and holiday themes really work. Why do holiday themes work? Holidays are times when people are out and about and there is a fun mood in the air. When visitors to your pharmacy feel it’s a special time they are more receptive to your in-store marketing message. Use our new PharmaPOS Halloween-themed shelf talkers and posters over the next couple weeks, not only to promote specific halloween products, but for any special offers in your shop.

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Free Mother’s Day Poster

We’re happy to share a free printable Mother’s Day poster – remind your customers that the holiday is coming and it’s time to buy some luxury items for the special ladies in their lives, either their mothers or the mothers of their children! Some pharmacies carry jewellery and fragrances, these are great items for Mother’s Day but we also recommend promoting luxury cosmetics and bath and beauty products or even health products. We think “take care of your health” is a great way to let Mom know you love and care about her.

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25mm Stickers Are Back!

Due to popular request, we’ve brought back 25mm round stickers. We are now getting our pre-cut 25mm round sticker stock from the same supplier as our great 40mm stickers. For the same great price as the 40mm stickers, the 25mm sticker sheets have 70 stickers per sheet which adds up to an amazing 6300 stickers per 90-sheet pack! Our stickers are easy to peel off the backing and stick well to a variety of surfaces, but are still easy to remove.

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