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Make the Most of this Halloween for your In-store Marketing

In-store marketing experts tell us that holidays are a very important time for marketing and holiday themes really work. Why do holiday themes work? Holidays are times when people are out and about and there is a fun mood in the air. When visitors to your pharmacy feel it’s a special time they are more receptive to your in-store marketing message. Use our new PharmaPOS Halloween-themed shelf talkers and posters over the next couple weeks, not only to promote specific halloween products, but for any special offers in your shop.

You might consider really going the extra mile this halloween and really kit out your pharmacy with halloween decorations, cobwebs and spiders, jack-o-lanterns (we suggest using LED lights rather than candles!) and anything else that will really add to the sense that your pharmacy is a fun destination for the Halloween season.

Maybe for a few days before Halloween you can offer “treats” to any of the children in your pharmacy. Use Halloween stickers to mark items on special offer, or to give out to the kids.

Invite your staff to dress up and get into the fun spirit of the holiday. Consider having a staff costume contest! And definitely send us photos of whatever you get up to this Halloween in your pharmacy, we would love to see (and we’d love to share on social media if you would give your permission!).