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Valentine’s Day – An Amazing Opportunity for Your Pharmacy

At PharmaPOS we like to emphasise seasonal promotions. Customers enjoy the mood of a fun seasonal theme throughout your pharmacy, with appropriate decorations and themed point-of-sale signage. Valentine’s Day is definitely a key promotional period for Irish pharmacies. We’d like to share some ideas with you for making this a special Valentine’s Day period for you and your customers.

Bring attention to Valentine’s Day gift products

Fragrances may be the most frequently given Valentine’s Day gifts. Draw attention to your fragrances with special offers – and make sure your customers are made aware of your bargains! Of course, it isn’t only about bargains. Finding the right thing for a special someone may be more important than a good price. Some pharmacies are also carrying jewelry which is another top Valentine’s Day gift.

Top reasons why shoppers would spend more

In 2017, the US National Retail Federation conducted a survey to establish what might induce shoppers to spend an extra $10 for Valentine’s Day. The results were interesting:

  • 48.6% A really good sale or promotion
  • 36.4% Seeing the perfect gift for someone I didn’t originally plan to buy for
  • 32.4% A free gift with purchase

These are all opportunities for you to capture quite a few extra sales in the 2022 Valentine’s Day period. Remember that if you keep Valentine’s Day top of mind for your customers with in-store decorations and themed shelf talkers, posters and banners, they will be more likely to start thinking about possibly adding a gift to their purchase.

Luxury bath and beauty products

Remember to promote your luxury bath and beauty products this Valentine’s Day! Many brands provide gift boxes that are a great opportunity for promotion. Another possibility is to put together your own gift baskets.

Prepare your pharmacy to maximise sales

Take a look at your pharmacy to see how you can maximise impulse buys and draw attention to some of your great offers. Show off some of your offers in fragrances, bath and beauty near your pharmacy counter or checkout. Remember to direct them (with a Valentine’s Day shelf talker) to more offers in other aisles!

Social media for Valentine’s Day promotions

Remember that younger people on average spend more on Valentine’s Day and are much more likely to see offers on social media. Are you doing everything you can to get the word out? Along with shelf talkers, posters, banners and stickers see some great Valentine’s Day social media templates on PharmaPOS.

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Get More Sales from Increased Footfall as Restrictions Ease

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Irish pharmacies are seeing increased footfall with more people out and about and more in-person shopping locally. We anticipate this trend will continue and we are all hoping to see great OTC sales in the run-up to Christmas 2021.

It is essential that you make the most of more traffic in your pharmacy by bringing your great offers to the attention of everyone passing by or passing through. Are you using colourful shelf talkers, posters and banners? In-store marketing should be a key part of your marketing strategy. PharmaPOS is the best and easiest way to make all this happen including posting attractive posts on your social media applications.

There are two great opportunities for seasonal promotion coming up: Halloween and Christmas. Christmas is an excellent opportunity for pharmacies to make big increases in sales of health and beauty products, gift baskets and gift sets, fragrances and even jewellery.

See Point-of-Sale options and more on PharmaPOS     

Halloween is less obvious for seasonal promotions as there isn’t a market for gifts or much in the way of Halloween-related products, but it is still a time to make your pharmacy a fun destination or place to stop with decorations, staff costumes, and fun, colourful Halloween-themed point-of-sale signage.

PharmaPOS can help with new suites of themed designs you can use to create point-of-sale and social media graphics for Facebook and Instagram. Create and order printed shelf talkers, banners, posters and offer stickers. Or if you have a premium PharmaPOS account, generate print-ready artwork to print on your local desktop printer!

Here is our latest video showing how quickly and easily you can create a Christmas-themed shelf talker. Have a look and if you have any questions about PharmaPOS we’d love to hear from you! Reach us at or on (01) 653-5008.

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Welcome to the New PharmaPOS!

First, we now allow anyone to access and use the website. Produce your own customised shelf talkers, A4 and A5 in-store posters, sheets of stickers or banners with our updated streamlined user interface. Then order prints directly through the PharmaPOS shop along with any display holders you might need!

Next, we are now developing design themes that are consistent across a broad range of template layouts, both for print for your in-store marketing and for social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.

See our great new Valentine’s Day themes and get your in-store and social promotions going now!

We will be adding new design themes, templates and social media marketing tools on a daily basis. We’d love to tell you about all our updates, sign up for our newsletter now so we can keep you informed!

Or let us know any of your questions, suggestions, favourite templates and designs from the old PharmaPOS site or requests for anything we can do on the new site!

We look forward to hearing from you!
-The PharmaPOS Team