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Get a headstart for 2020 with healthy January Promotions!

Does Christmas and January sales promotion sometimes feel slightly overwhelming or a bit of a chore? No matter how great your business is and how well it is thriving you always need to promote it. Why not use PharmaPOS templates to create some eye-catching in-store and online marketing material to take some of that pressure off! If you try to make promotion a bit of fun and involve your team it can become something that is enjoyable, whilst helping to boost sales! With our brand new PharmaPOS January sales range of templates now live on the PharmaPOS website, this will give you an incentive to get working on what could be great January sales results – getting you off to the right start for 2020!

Visit the PharmaPOS Site to see new January Sales templates


January Promotion Ideas

After the festive period customers are looking for a fresh start for the new year! Christmas has been packed away and people are looking for new beginnings. Why not use that opportunity to promote healthy and clean living products and services. Below are some ideas that you could use in store;

Host a Healthy Living Event

Why not host a healthy living event. Get in touch with your suppliers and request that they send brand representatives and ask if they can give you special discounts on their products for the event. Demonstrating products allows the customer to try it out before buying and gains their trust in the product. You can use your PharmaPOS templates to ensure your store and online social media are popping for the event!

Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation has been running for a number of years in Ireland. It is a show based around health and fitness, whereby 6 leaders are chosen from around the country as they go on a healthy eating and lifestyle change whilst the cameras follow them around. The TV show is aired on RTE1 but promoted and supported by national radio and right across the web. Thousands of people get involved all around the country from their own homes, offices, clubs or simply by themselves. You and your team could get involved by either taking part or by having an Operation Transformation event or stand in your store. Use your PharmaPOS templates to promote any healthy living products in store and on your social media platforms that support Operation Transformation. Operation Transformation 2020 kicks off on RTE1 on Wednesday, 8th January 2020.

Launch a new product

Launching a new product in January is a great way to lure customers back into your store. Pick a star product that you can have front and centre for the whole month. Create brand new PharmaPOS templates to display in store and across your social media to promote the new product. You could arrange a product launch which could include a dedicated stand for the month with discounts and prizes on the product.

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PharmaPOS Themed Templates – A great way to get noticed!

Christmas is upon us but fear not as there is still time to ensure that your store looks inviting to all potential customers both in-store and online. A great way to ensure that your in-store marketing is eye catching for your customers is by choosing a Christmas theme that you can use throughout the entire store and on your social media platforms. Have your shelf talkers, A4 posters, A5 flyers and banner posters all looking festive, but uniform with your social media platforms. Choosing a themed marketing approach gives your business a professional look and feel that will draw in both your visiting and online customers. Using PharmaPOS makes this approach very easy with our new Christmas themed PharmaPOS templates that are now ready and available to use across your store and on your online social media platforms. 

See Themed Templates and Special Offer

PharmaPOS Themed Templates

There are currently 8 themes to choose from on the PharmaPOS website. If you like a traditional look you can choose from a traditional Christmas theme or an elegance Christmas theme (light or dark). If you wish for something a bit more fun and playful you can choose from one of the snowman, santa, christmas tree or snowflake themes. Proving very popular this year is our Christmas nutcracker and we have used this theme to show some examples of templates that can be used for your promotions. 

Christmas and Afterwards – Promotion Ideas

If you are looking for your business to stand out why not run a promotion on the lead up to Christmas and afterwards. Some ideas could include;

  • A 12 Days of Christmas Promotion
  • Buy One Get One FREE Promotion
  • Family and Friends Discount Day
  • Create unique hampers available ONLY at your store
  • After Christmas Sale
  • A ‘Santa didn’t bring me what I wanted’ Flash Sale

Don’t forget the ‘After Christmas’ Sale – a great opportunity for promotions also. People are still off work and love to check out the post-Christmas bargains from the 26th December onwards! Look out for the new sales templates we are launching next week. Use your in-store and online marketing to push those extra sales through until January. If you are not a PharmaPOS member then you can simply click on to find out more details on how you can become a member for a small monthly fee. 

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Amazing OKI Printer Offer with Free Banners


Are you doing everything you can to stay on top of your in-store marketing? PharmaPOS offers pharmacies the power to create their own branded point-of-sale shelf talkers, banners, stickers, posters and more. For the month of June we have an amazing offer on OKI printers. Save €60 – €80 on the standard price and we’ll also include free of charge a starter pack of banner paper, a starter pack of shelf talker paper, and a free no-obligation month’s subscription to PharmaPOS so you can try creating your own banners and shelf talkers in your pharmacy! (Existing PharmaPOS customers, please phone if you are interested in ordering the printer on its own).


Order in the month of June and receive FREE 25 sheets of banner paper (900mm x 210mm), 50 sheets of shelf talker paper (210 x 75mm) and a FREE month’s subscription to PharmaPOS. PharmaPOS enables pharmacies to quickly and easily create their own point of sale shelf talkers, banners, posters, stickers and more with a wide range of design themes to choose from, all for a low monthly subscription.

With these great special prices only for the month of June if you order the c532dn, you are basically getting your new printer for free (the price of the printer with toner is close to the same price to order the toner pack on its own)!

OKI c532dn€295€235 (SAVE €60 and get free paper and PharmaPOS for one month!)
OKI MC563dn€495€405 (SAVE €80 and get free paper and PromoPOS for one month!)
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Pharmacies Instructed not to Use Food Intolerance Tests

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland is as of this week instructing pharmacies to no longer perform food intolerance testing. This follows an advisory published by the Health Products Regulatory Authority that food intolerance testing can only be useful with expert guidance from a doctor or dietitian. The HPRA warns that any single food intolerance test does not have clinical usefulness, based on their survey of existing food intolerance testing products.

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Customised round stickers sell MORE products!

All our PharmaPOS users love their ability to create attractive shelf talkers and posters. We also provide tools to create great banners and even promote offers on Facebook. But some of our users aren’t making the most of their ability to create stickers to help bring attention to their special product offers. Using stickers is an extremely effective way to help products move off the shelves and increase impulse buying.

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Make the Most of this Halloween for your In-store Marketing

In-store marketing experts tell us that holidays are a very important time for marketing and holiday themes really work. Why do holiday themes work? Holidays are times when people are out and about and there is a fun mood in the air. When visitors to your pharmacy feel it’s a special time they are more receptive to your in-store marketing message. Use our new PharmaPOS Halloween-themed shelf talkers and posters over the next couple weeks, not only to promote specific halloween products, but for any special offers in your shop.

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Free Mother’s Day Poster

We’re happy to share a free printable Mother’s Day poster – remind your customers that the holiday is coming and it’s time to buy some luxury items for the special ladies in their lives, either their mothers or the mothers of their children! Some pharmacies carry jewellery and fragrances, these are great items for Mother’s Day but we also recommend promoting luxury cosmetics and bath and beauty products or even health products. We think “take care of your health” is a great way to let Mom know you love and care about her.

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25mm Stickers Are Back!

Due to popular request, we’ve brought back 25mm round stickers. We are now getting our pre-cut 25mm round sticker stock from the same supplier as our great 40mm stickers. For the same great price as the 40mm stickers, the 25mm sticker sheets have 70 stickers per sheet which adds up to an amazing 6300 stickers per 90-sheet pack! Our stickers are easy to peel off the backing and stick well to a variety of surfaces, but are still easy to remove.

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New Wobbler Templates

Yes! We have new wobbler templates. Our wobbler template designs are 10cm square sizes that you print and cut out from heavy paper (heavy a4 paper is available from the PharmaPOS Shop). We will be expanding our offering of wobbler templates for the rest of 2016 and into the next year. If you are interested in other wobbler shapes, please let us know! We are interested in the possibility of providing pre-perforated circular paper for circular wobblers and possibly other shapes as well.

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Congratulations to Lynch Pharmacy for Winning our Halloween Contest!

We are delighted to announce the winner of our “Dress Up Your Pharmacy for Halloween” contest. Lynch Pharmacy in Castleisland, Co. Kerry did a terrific job giving their pharmacy a great halloween makeover with streamers, balloons, and lots of other decorations including skeletons and spiders!

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2 New Products on the PharmaPOS Shop: Wobblers and Counter Topper with Card Holder

We are delighted to offer 2 new products on the PharmaPOS Shop. Wobblers are great for drawing your customers attention to particular offers, products, or areas in your shop. Break the monotony of flat horizontal shelf displays with wobblers, that jump out and demand attention. Our new Counter Topper with Card Holder is a great way to offer loyalty cards to your customers. We recommend loyalty cards for Christmas. Loyalty cards strengthen your relationship with your customer and help keep your pharmacy in mind as a shopping destination.

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