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In-Store Christmas Marketing at Your Pharmacy!

Attract extra foot traffic and make the most of customers already in your pharmacy with a Christmas-themed in-store marketing campaign, resulting in extra seasonal sales! Use shelf talkers, posters and signs and flyers to their maximum potential to help boost your seasonal sales this December. Nowadays, customers are looking for value and are exposed to a myriad of promotions, pricing and special offers on a daily basis. Through effective point of sale messaging you can clearly communicate to your customers what your value offers and savings are at your pharmacy this Christmas!

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The Importance of In-Store Marketing at Christmas

Christmas is a critical time to make sure you make the most of in-store marketing opportunities. In many retail sectors, spending in the holiday season accounts for around 20% of the overall annual spend. Pharmacies are a natural gift destination particularly for luxury body products, gift boxes and baskets, fragrances, cosmetics and jewelry.

Also be aware that if you can bring foot traffic into your pharmacy, attracting passers-by with Christmas offers, you will also get an increase in your revenue on other OTC pharmacy products. Christmas is also a great time for you to offer customised branded gift vouchers for your customers. Help spread the word that your pharmacy is a shopping destination!

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Two Months FREE to Create Great Point of Sale and Social Media Campaigns!

Would you like two months FREE access to PharmaPOS to create exceptional point of sale and social media campaigns? With PharmaPOS you can create point-of-sale promotional materials and social media graphics for both Facebook and Instagram. You can then order shelf talkers, A5 flyers, A4 posters and offer stickers from your creations. If you have a premium PharmaPOS account you can generate print-ready artwork to print on your local desktop printer!

It is important to engage with customers in every way possible. This includes providing them with advice, informing them of useful health information and letting them know about your offers. Communicate your offers to customers by creating marketing campaigns online and in-store). PharmaPOS is a simple to use web tool, designed for the creation of professional retail signage and social media posts.

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Two Months Free In-Store Marketing

Shelf Talkers serve as an excellent marketing communications tool – so let your shelves do the talking! Shelf talkers give pharmacies an opportunity to propose purchases to customers and to promote any special in-store offers. Having the correct information available improves customers in-store experience and allows them to make a quicker and more informed choice!

A5 and A4 Posters: Whether your pharmacy needs to provide information on current health and safety measures, procedures on prescriptions or promote new products, PharmaPOS has a library of suitable templates to use. These can be printed out in A4 or A5 sizes depending on your requirements. If you are planning an in-store event you can print out some A5 flyers informing customers of any offers or new products. Posters can be used to display in different areas around the pharmacy.

Banners (900mm X 210mm) are a great way to help pharmacies identify different areas in-store whilst providing customers with all the information they need. They are a great way to draw attention to an event or product as they are instantly noticeable due to the size, bright colours and pictures used! They can also be used in the front window displays to attract customers by informing them of an event, product or service that you have available in-store!

Offer Stickers are a great way to label various products in your store to help bring attention to special offers. Using stickers is an extremely effective way to help products move off the shelves and increase buying. The unique feature of stickers is that they lead the customer’s attention directly to the individual item – it’s then a much shorter step to grab the product off the shelf and make another purchase! Peelable round stickers are available in 25mm and 40mm size on A4 sheets for printing on standard laser printers.

We have a number of various point of sale holders and paper packs available to purchase on the PharmaPOS shop that you can use alongside your marketing material.

Online Marketing

Facebook and Instagram go hand in hand and are a great way to reach an audience local to your pharmacy. All retailers need to produce high quality content for social media posts to get seen. Using PharmaPOS templates gives you a professional and uniform look. It can be difficult to build an audience quickly, therefore, you will need to be consistent with posts in order to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged!

The process of creating your Facebook and Instagram posts and cover photos with PharmaPOS couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your pharmacy details, choose a background and product image (if required), and a high-quality image is generated in a few seconds! Download from PharmaPOS to your desktop, then add to your Facebook or Instagram feeds.

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Create a Fun Halloween Campaign at Your Pharmacy!

Create a fun Halloween campaign in your pharmacy this year! Halloween decorations can help drive traffic to your pharmacy as well as engaging in local community spirit.

Halloween gives you the opportunity to bring new customers in and raise awareness of your pharmacy in the local community to help give your OTC sales a boost.

Get Your Staff into the Halloween Spirit!

Attract customers to your pharmacy with enthusiasm and creativity this Halloween. You can do this in a number of different ways to include decorating both the interior and display windows with colourful Halloween decorations such as pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons or even just the typical Halloween colours. Staff can dress up or paint their faces in the lead up to the main day and you could also play Halloween music.

Another great way to get involved in the Halloween spirit in the community is to host a Halloween event. This could be something as simple as allowing the children to trick or treat at your pharmacy, hosting a Halloween Colouring Competition or a Best Costume Event. Make sure to hand out promotional offers and some fun giveaways while the event is running.

For pharmacies it may not be feasible to carry seasonal Halloween products. But, you could promote a number of different products that are commonly used by customers during this time:

  • Make Up/Make Up Remover
  • Make Up Sponges and Brushes
  • Hairspray
  • Nail Varnish/Nail Varnish Remover
  • Sugar-Free Candy/Gluten-Free Candy
  • Torches/Bandages

Video: Creating a Halloween Campaign using PharmaPOS

See our YouTube video on creating a Halloween campaign using PharmaPOS:

Promote on Your Social Media Platforms

Let your customers know about your plans for Halloween across your Social Media Platforms. You can engage with your customers throughout the week by posting information tips and tricks around the event.

  • Post tips on Trick or Treating safely within the community
  • Post pictures of your Halloween-themed decorations and Staff members’ costumes
  • Share your event or competitions that you are planning on hosting or participating in
  • Remind customers if they are feeling unwell to stay at home.

PharmaPOS can help with Halloween-themed designs to create point-of-sale and social media graphics for Facebook and Instagram. Create and order printed shelf talkers, banners, posters and offer stickers. Or if you have a premium PharmaPOS account, generate print-ready artwork to print on your local desktop printer!