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In-Store Christmas Marketing at Your Pharmacy!

Attract extra foot traffic and make the most of customers already in your pharmacy with a Christmas-themed in-store marketing campaign, resulting in extra seasonal sales! Use shelf talkers, posters and signs and flyers to their maximum potential to help boost your seasonal sales this December. Nowadays, customers are looking for value and are exposed to a myriad of promotions, pricing and special offers on a daily basis. Through effective point of sale messaging you can clearly communicate to your customers what your value offers and savings are at your pharmacy this Christmas!

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The Importance of In-Store Marketing at Christmas

Christmas is a critical time to make sure you make the most of in-store marketing opportunities. In many retail sectors, spending in the holiday season accounts for around 20% of the overall annual spend. Pharmacies are a natural gift destination particularly for luxury body products, gift boxes and baskets, fragrances, cosmetics and jewelry.

Also be aware that if you can bring foot traffic into your pharmacy, attracting passers-by with Christmas offers, you will also get an increase in your revenue on other OTC pharmacy products. Christmas is also a great time for you to offer customised branded gift vouchers for your customers. Help spread the word that your pharmacy is a shopping destination!