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Happy New Year 2017 : New Products and Templates

We hope you’ll join us in looking forward to a happy, productive and hopefully prosperous new year in 2017! We’d also like to take this opportunity to express how glad we are to have such great customers and partners to work with in the years past and years to come.

We’re looking forward this year to introducting new templates for PharmaPOS members, new products for the PharmaPOS Shop, and new ways of doing things to keep helping PharmaPOS produce original, effective point of sale and other promotional and marketing materials.

Some of you made great use of our new Facebook templates to dress up your Facebook pages for Christmas 2016, and we’ll be continuing to provide a bigger and bigger range of templates to add promotions to your Facebook posts and your Facebook cover photo. As more and more of our PharmaPOS members are using social media as a promotion tool we’re looking for ways to help integrate your Facebook presence into your overall in-store marketing strategy. We’ll be announcing a new suite of Facebook templates later this month.

We are also excited to continue to add great cost-effective solutions for your in-store marketing needs. We’ve just added wall-mounted leaflet holders to the PharmaPOS Shop. These are available in DL, A5 and A4 sizes to allow you to create more opportunities to reach your customers with your special offers and discount vouchers.

As ever, we are always looking for new ideas for 2017. Please get in touch by email at or phone us at (01) 653 5008 with any questions, suggestions, requests or new ideas. We offer a ?50 bounty (voucher for goods or services) for any information that leads to us improving our service!