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Are you Promoting for Valentine’s Day?

Holidays are a great time for retail spending – retailers and consumers are aware of this on some level, so don’t forget to make the most of Valentine’s Day upcoming to remind your customers to make that extra purchase!

Pharmacies in particular should be using Valentine’s Day to promote fragrances and pampering products both for women and men. Fragrances and jewelry are some of the products you can market most effectively at this time of year. Start today by directing your customers to notice all your products in these areas: perfumes and colognes, luxury soaps and bath products, jewelry, or anything else you carry that is suitable for gift-giving.

PharmaPOS is ready to help with your in-store marketing. We have a variety of Valentine’s-themed templates and today we are releasing a new suite of templates for you to create shelf talkers and posters in a new stylish blue-heart theme.

We’re also providing templates for you to start campaigning via Facebook. Social marketing is getting more and more important and we’re giving you the tools to create a special cover photo for your Valentine’s promotion to show off a particular product or range. We also have a template to create a professionally-designed and appealing Facebook post. Remember, if you use any of our Facebook templates to create a post, please contact us on to let us know, we’d be happy to share your post to help get your message out.