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New Wobbler Templates

Yes! We have new wobbler templates. Our wobbler template designs are 10cm square sizes that you print and cut out from heavy paper (heavy a4 paper is available from the PharmaPOS Shop). We will be expanding our offering of wobbler templates for the rest of 2016 and into the next year. If you are interested in other wobbler shapes, please let us know! We are interested in the possibility of providing pre-perforated circular paper for circular wobblers and possibly other shapes as well.

Why wobblers? Wobblers are versatile and fun. By sticking out from the shelf edge (or anywhere else you want to stick them), they really attract the attention of shoppers to your very special offers.

See our new Christmas wobbler templates and try them out to really bring some attention to your special offers for Christmas this year! Make sure you do everything you can to make the most of the Christmas season spending habits by guiding your customer to make their next impulse buy.

Get started with wobblers by buying 8-inch wobbler strips at the PharmaPOS Shop now!

Keep your point-of-sale creative and fresh with our wobblers. Do you have any other ideas for dynamic new ways of getting the point-of-sale message across? Don’t forget that we have a standing offer of a ?50 bounty for any suggestions for new ideas that we actually implement to improve the PharmaPOS service. Just give us a call on (01) 6535008 or email with your ideas.