8″ Wobblers – Pack of 20



Wobblers are a great addition to our point-of-sale range, used to either highlight very special offers if placed here and there in your shop, or they can be used to replace all your shelf talkers in a particular aisle or area.

Wobblers are versatile. They can be used similarly to conventional shelf talkers; stuck to the shelf edge, or they can be stuck anywhere you like! Stick them to display cabinets, standing displays, inside windows, or anywhere else you’d like to draw your customer’s attention.

Wobblers are fun. They enhance the shopping process for your customers by breaking up the visual monotony of horizontal parallel shelves, they stick out and insist on being noticed!

We’re offering 20 wobblers for only €4.25.

See our wobbler templates on PharmaPOS. PharmaPOS members can quickly and easily create their own signs suitable for use with wobblers. We will have more wobbler templates coming soon including Christmas wobblers and wobblers to take advantage of other seasonal or topical promotion opportunities.